Monday, May 26, 2008

The Review of Exkate X24 Electric Skateboard


You might have heard of or have seen an Electric Skateboard. Check them out so you can get a good one for yourself, or for someone that loves to skate, ski, snowboard, surf or just have good fun. The ultimate model is the X24 Electric skateboard that we will review today.

About the Product:

I chose the Exkate X24 wireless model, wanting the best available. There are many players in the Electric Skateboard market, but Exkate has been doing it longer and better for quite some time. The quality and build on these boards is top notch.
Of the Powerboard offerings. This model includes a removal able battery pack, full digital wireless control system and Charger.

How I tested the product:

I have been using it for 3-10 times a week for over a year! I have ridden it up and down some of the biggest hills in Oakland, Berkeley, & Palo Alto California. I have tested it in some of the best parking lots I could find for as long as the batteries held up. I have been asked to leave a few places that did not enjoy my riding as much as I did. I have also ridden it on various paved trails throughout Northern California and on all sorts of street surfaces.


*Great Value-Although the upfront cost is high, once you have a board the operating expense is next to nothing.
* Green- No Noise Pollution or Smelly Exhaust to deal with.
* Safe- Having a skateboard with excellent breaks makes Power-boarding safe and controllable.
* FUN- The amount of joy you can get from riding up and down hills or even in a parking lot is unbeatable.


* Heavy-At over 50 pounds it's nothing to throw on your shoulder and hike into the City with.
* Availability- The best ones X-24's are made of a rare metal I like to call Un-Ubtainium (as in good luck finding one)
the older line of Raptors 4.0 (3.0's are too small for most of us) is hard to find and the new line by Exkate called 'Altered"
looks promising but we will have to wait to sometime in August to find out for ourselves!
* Reliability-The Chinese made electronics are spotty, hopefully improving with the new version due out in August 08.


Overall the product works like a champ, built like a tank and rides like a dream. I give it 5 Stars out of 5. The New version of the Company I give 4.0 out of 5 stars for being almost a year out on production of the "Altered" line up, and shelving this the best of their Boards ever made. Other then that they do a fine job of servicing their clientele and keeping everyone wishing for a return someday of the "Grand Daddy X24."

Critical data on the Exkate X-24:

Handmade & Individually Tuned
Maximum Speed: 22mph (40kph)
Acceleration 0-22 mph in 4 sec
Breaking distance (22mph-0): 30 feet (10M)
Range: 10-15 miles
Weight: 50 lbs
Custom built electric motor produces 1+ horsepower
Rechargeable 24 volt system (AC charger included)
Optional Inverter for charging from a car (cig lighter) or other vehicle (not included - $49.00 extra; can be used with up to two boards simultaneously) so you'll be powered wherever you go.
Patented, Digital, wireless hand remote controller with integrated throttle and brake.
Remote and AC charger included
Weight: 50lbs (23kg)
Deck Dimensions: 42 x 9.5in (107 x 24cm.)
Made in the U.S.A.
Retail price $999 No Longer in production or available.


Bram said...

Hi, interesting blog you have. Do you know of a manufacturer that is building a li-ion based board?

Sean said...

I wish I had found this post a couple weeks ago. I just bought a Raptor 3.0 I'm 6'2" and weigh in around 185 lbs. Skated as a kid now) and snowboard to this day. I will tell you that it is TOO SLOW for me. I really like it and it seems solid... but I am too big for it and crave more speed. IF you as me, 22mph is a necessity. The Raptor 3.0 only goes 12 mph.

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diver Ron said...

I've Had My X24 for Nine Years Now And Besides Changing The Batteries Out(Twice) It Has Worked Great. I Don't Ride Much But A Dependable Product For Sure. 5 Stars By Me

melania smith said...

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