Thursday, June 19, 2008

X24 Gen II Review


Domenic Denicola said...

Wow, I think I finally found the perfect site!

I've been looking to buy a fancy, expensive electric skateboard after going through three cheap eBay models in quick succession. But there are no reviews anywhere else on the 'net!

I'd really appreciate starting up a conversation with you, either via email ( or in the blog comments, to help me figure out where to spend my $700 electric skateboard budget.

One thing you might be able to answer right now is the noise factor. I've been looking for boards with rubber wheels because the polyurethane ones on the eBay boards were quite loud. Do you know if any exist? Failing rubber, are there certain boards you can vouch for as being rather quiet? Your review of the X24 mentioned "no noise pollution"; maybe you could elaborate on that?

Thanks! I hope you can respond, as the rest of the internet is much less helpful for this than I thought it would be.

Oded said...

Great review Kyle, thank you!
Any tipes on telling the difference between gen 1, 2 and 3?
I am trying to find a used one, and wanted to have this knowledge.


jaimes said...

Hi Kyle,
I have a board like the black one in the photo you provided with the built in charger. I need to find a new built in charger and two new batteries. Can you tell me where to find these parts? does not have the internal charger for this board and where can I get the best batteries?
Huntington Beach

Olivia said...

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