Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Electric skateboarding 101"

Powerboarding...think of it as snowboarding without annoying lift lines or tickets, wakeboarding without a boat, or skateboarding without your feet ever touching the ground! Just step on and accelerate. Going up to 15 miles on a four-hour charge, electric skateboards and longboards are one of the most exciting innovations in personal transportation to date. Using the latest in electronic technology, these electric skateboards are unrivaled in performance and range. Powerboards are a zero-emissions product, virtually silent and 100 percent environmentally friendly. It's also the best Mobile Meditation I have found, and also good excersise for your body...check it out & you will thank me.

Ride On and Be Blessed*

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BrokenHead said...

yeah, Electric skateboards are sweet. I enjoyed them so much me and some mates started up an electric skateboard company