Sunday, May 18, 2008

Impression of Exkate Electric SkateBoards

After a Hot & Fun filled skateboard weekend I jumped on a Exkate/Altered Electric Skateboard and gave it a quick spin. It is a Blast! The handling was tight and excellent for this the Biggest of the Exkate Fleet (50 lbs) It carves like butter on warm bread! I will keep riding all the Electric Boards to get a solid comparison for everyone (including myself & friends) for now Exkate/Altered is the King...let's see if the rest of their fleet deserves to wear the crown as well!
Enjoy the picture of this Custom Deck at my buddy David's house.

Ride on...Bless on'

Kyle Mansfield
California Street Surfing Skateboarding for over 30years*


ASLUCKY said...

hello Dear how r u...................

Will said...

Hi there,

Do you know of any electric skateboards suitable for riding on wet surfaces?

An electric skateboard seems to be a fun way to get to & from work in the morning as they'd be portable enough to take on the bus. Unfortunately, I live in a place where we experience all four seasons in one day! So although it might not be raining when I ride it, often the asphalt can be damp/wet which I understand will destroy the electrics on these boards from all the water sprayed up off the wheels.

How popular are these boards? Is there much of an online community focused on these boards? My initial searches on Google only returned results of companies that are selling them, not websites built around users of the skateboards... I came to your website from reading a web forum thread.

Anyway, do you recommend any electric skateboard for commuting to work? If not, do you know of any waterproof models that are available?


Finn said...
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Finn said...

there is a new site I made called:

note: soon to be

I want to have some community based action on the scene ..

E-Skateboard enthusiasts come to this ads. no crap..just good land surfing...

enjoy the ride !

searth said...

Great blog. If you are ever in Los Angeles let me know. Bring your board and we can hit some rides.


Ilan Sabar said...

Check out Metroboard Electric Skateboards for a very lightweight and portable high quality motorized skateboard:

alvin skatetek said...

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